What is silicone made of

Silica gel is foamed and vulcanized at room temperature with condensed hydroxyl terminated silicone rubber as base material, hydroxyl hydrogen containing silicone oil as foaming agent and vinyl platinum complex as catalyst. It has high thermal stability, good heat insulation, insulation, moisture resistance and earthquake resistance, especially at high frequency. It is an ideal lightweight packaging material.

What is silicone made of

Precautions for making silica gel:

Silica gel products have different material characteristics and testing items, so raw materials with different characteristics need to be selected for differentiation. Ordinary industrial grade can achieve the adaptive effect, while food grade effect needs to be strictly controlled by RoHS, FDA, lfgb and so on.

What is silicone made of

In terms of material, silicone rubber products can be made into different functional tests. For example, during processing, due to structural problems, the hardness needs to be forcibly reduced before demoulding.

In the process of use, because the support strength is not up to standard, it is necessary to improve the hardness and softness of silicone rubber products to meet the use requirements and so on. Therefore, we should be fully prepared for the tensile force and hardness and softness test of materials.

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