What traditional food do you eat on the Zhongyuan Festival

The traditional food eaten on the Zhongyuan Festival is duck. Many parts of the country will choose to eat ducks in July. Because ducks swim in the water, they take the meaning of river lantern Pudu prayer. It is also said that duck is pressure, which is homophonic. Eating duck is to suppress the soul and so on.

Zhongyuan Festival:

Zhongyuan Festival is the name of Taoism. It is called July half, July 14 and ancestor worship festival in folk customs, and Yulan basin festival in Buddhism. Festival customs mainly include offering sacrifices to ancestors, releasing river lanterns, offering sacrifices to the dead, burning paper ingots, offering sacrifices to land, etc. Its emergence can be traced back to the ancestor worship and related time sacrifice in ancient times.

What traditional food do you eat on the Zhongyuan Festival

July is the month of auspiciousness and filial piety. July and a half is a folk festival to celebrate the harvest and reward the earth in the early autumn. There are a number of mature crops. People should worship their ancestors as a rule, offer sacrifices such as new rice, and report the autumn harvest to their ancestors. This festival is a traditional cultural festival for remembering our ancestors, and its cultural core is respecting our ancestors and filial piety.

What traditional food do you eat on the Zhongyuan Festival

Secondly, in the mid Yuan Festival, the most prominent folk belief behavior is paper burning. According to legend, paper in the sun is money in the hell, and people burn paper to send money to their deceased ancestors. Usually, when burning paper at the grave, several pieces are left and burned at the intersection. The purpose is to give some alms to homeless wild ghosts, so that they won't rob the money given to their ancestors.

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