What traditional food do you eat on the Mid Autumn Festival

The traditional food for the mid autumn festival includes osmanthus cake, moon cake, snail, hairy crab, osmanthus wine and taro.

The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China. It is on August 15 of the lunar calendar. Because the festival is on August 15, it is called "August Festival" and "August half"; Because the main activities of the Mid Autumn Festival are carried out around the "Moon", it is also commonly known as "Moon Festival" and "moon Eve"; Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is complete, symbolizing reunion, so it is also called "reunion festival".

What traditional food do you eat on the Mid Autumn Festival

Extended data:

1. Osmanthus cake

The Mid Autumn Festival is the time when osmanthus fragrances. During the Mid Autumn Festival, many people will have the custom of eating osmanthus cake. Osmanthus cake is a very delicious food, emitting the unique aroma of osmanthus, which is very popular.

2. Moon cake

Moon cake is also one of the traditional snacks of the Mid Autumn Festival. It can be said that it has become the representative of the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year during the Mid Autumn Festival, every family will prepare many moon cakes for their relatives and friends. There are many kinds of moon cakes. Everyone can choose their favorite taste to eat. Moon cakes are usually round and can be eaten by a family. They represent reunion and harmony and have a good moral.

3. Snail

In many places in Guangdong, there will be the habit of eating snails on the Mid Autumn Festival. Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, the meat of snails is fat and delicious, and snails are also rich in nutrients, which is very good for people's health.

What traditional food do you eat on the Mid Autumn Festival

4. Hairy crab

This is a custom in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The Mid Autumn Festival is the season of "crab paste, fertilizer and rice flowers". Although the price of hairy crab at this time is very expensive, it can't stop people's love for it.

5. Osmanthus wine

On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, people look up at the Mid Autumn Festival, smell the fragrance of osmanthus, drink a cup of osmanthus honey wine, celebrate the sweetness of the whole family and get together, which has become a beautiful enjoyment of the festival. Osmanthus fragrans is not only an ornamental plant, but also has edible value. China has made wine with Osmanthus fragrans for a long time. Osmanthus fragrans wine is also a very popular wine. Many girls like it very much.

What traditional food do you eat on the Mid Autumn Festival

6. Taro

There is a custom of eating taro on the Mid Autumn Festival in Guangdong. It is said to commemorate the historical story of killing Tartars at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. After killing Tartars on the Mid Autumn Festival, they sacrificed their heads to the moon, and later replaced them with taro. So far, when Cantonese peel taro, it is still called "peel ghost skin". An old man said that if you eat taro on the Mid Autumn Festival, your luck will rush towards you.

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