What's the name of fifty

Fifty is also known as the year of knowing wrong and life.

In ancient times, the age of the ancients was sometimes expressed without numbers. Instead of directly saying how old someone was or how old they were, they used an age-related appellation instead.

The ancients called age with very clear boundaries. For example, standing at 30 and not confused at 40. The ancients believed that only at this age can people gradually understand whether etiquette and words and deeds are appropriate.

What's the name of fifty

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Knowing destiny comes from Confucius' own account. Confucius said, "I have five out of ten, but I am determined to learn. I stand at thirty, I am not confused at forty, I know destiny at fifty, I am obedient at sixty, and I do what I want at seventy. I don't exceed the rules." from Confucius's words, we can directly see that the so-called knowing destiny refers to the age of 50.

However, it should be clear here that not only people aged 50 are the age group of knowing destiny, but all people in the age group of 50 to 59 belong to the age group of knowing destiny.

What's the name of fifty

In the year of knowing what is wrong, the original Tao Xun of Huainan Zi said that Bo Yu was 50 years old and 49 years old. It is said that there was a Boyu in the state of Wei in the spring and Autumn period who kept reflecting on himself. At the age of 50, he knew the mistakes of the previous 49 years, so later generations called him 50 with knowledge.

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