Use, efficacy and function of corncob

The main uses of corncob are: polishing, drying and wiping of glasses, buttons, electronic components, auto parts and magnetic materials.

The surface of the workpiece is bright, with high finish, and there is no water mark on the workpiece surface. Corncobs can be divided into large, medium and small sizes, and can be used together with lighting equipment and drying equipment.

Use, efficacy and function of corncob

In the high-tech industrial chain, because corn straw contains rich and colorful methylcellulose, hemicellulose and lignocellulose, it has been used in papermaking industry, microbial sugar industry and other manufacturing industries.

Use, efficacy and function of corncob

Efficacy and function of corncob:

Corncob has the effects of clearing heat, diuresis, detoxification and lowering blood pressure. In addition, it has a certain effect on hepatitis, cholecystitis, nephritis, edema and gallstones. It can also be used as veterinary medicine additive products. At present, corncob is used in many industries.

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