Can ordinary flour make bread

Ordinary flour cannot make bread. Flour is divided into high gluten, medium gluten and low gluten flour. High gluten flour is needed to make bread. Ordinary flour is generally medium and low gluten flour, and Chinese pastry is generally used. It is suitable for making steamed buns, dumplings, steamed bread, noodles, etc. it is not suitable for making bread.

Can ordinary flour make bread

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High gluten flour: it is dark in color, active and smooth in itself. It is not easy to form a ball by hand. It is more suitable for making bread. And some pastry pastries, such as Danish pastry. It is mostly used in muffins (Thousand Layer pastry) and cream hollow cakes (puffs). In terms of cake, it is only suitable for high-content fruit cake.

Can ordinary flour make bread

Medium gluten flour: the color is milky white, between high and low flour, and the constitution is semi loose. Generally, Chinese dim sum will use medium gluten powder, such as steamed buns, steamed buns, noodles, etc.

Low gluten flour: the color is white and easy to form a ball by hand. The average protein content of low gluten flour is about 8.5%, with low protein content and less gluten. Therefore, the gluten is also relatively weak, which is more suitable for making cakes, muffins, biscuits, tarts and other pastries that need fluffy and crisp taste. So it's better to use high gluten powder.

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