How to deal with casserole for the first time

When using the casserole for the first time, you need to brush off the small sand on the inner wall of the casserole with a small brush to prevent the sand from falling into the food.

The newly bought casserole often leaks because there are many sand holes. When it is used for the first time, it is best to make noodle soup or porridge. After eating, don't brush the casserole first, bake it by the stove to dry the batter in the casserole, block the tiny sand holes on the wall of the casserole, and then wash it, so that the casserole won't leak.

How to deal with casserole for the first time

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The traditional casserole is a ceramic product composed of quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials that are not easy to heat transfer. It is fired at high temperature. It has the characteristics of ventilation, adsorption, uniform heat transfer and slow heat dissipation. However, due to the problems of production technology and raw materials, the traditional casserole is not resistant to the change of temperature difference, easy to crack and can not be dry burned.

How to deal with casserole for the first time

The casserole can transfer the external heat energy to the internal raw materials in a balanced and lasting way. The relatively balanced ambient temperature is conducive to the mutual penetration of water molecules and food. The longer the mutual penetration time is maintained, the more delicious ingredients overflow, the fresher the taste of the simmered soup and the more crisp the texture of the simmered food. It can better maintain the color, aroma and taste of food. Many people like to use it to cook soup and stew.

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