How to deal with black insects in the rice

Rice black worm handling skills:

Put fresh ginger in the rice to drive out the insects. Or put the rice in a cool place to dry and let the insects fly away or climb out.

The raw rice can also be eaten after insect removal. Do not expose rice to the sun. The insects in rice are not serious and do not affect food consumption. The insects in rice have no virus. Dispose of them, and then wash the rice to eat normally.

How to deal with black insects in the rice

Rice storage method:

1. Garlic pest control method

Put a few cloves of garlic in the rice container and cover the container tightly to prevent insects.

2. Bottled pest control method

The bagged rice can also be stored for a long time without insects.

3. Pepper pest control method

Wrap some pepper grains with several pieces of gauze, put them into the rice container, place them in different positions, and then cover the container tightly.

When the rice is packed in a sealed bag, the bag can be directly soaked in the boiled pepper water and dried. When the rice is loaded again, insects can be prevented.

4. Dry kelp pest control method

Put some dried kelp in the rice. The ratio of rice to kelp is about 100:1. Take it out and dry it every 10 days or so, and then put it back into the rice jar. This method can be used repeatedly and can effectively prevent mildew and insects of rice.

5. Edible alkali pest control method

Lay some edible alkali on the bottom of the container containing rice, and then lay plastic cloth on it, and then put rice. Cover the container tightly to prevent insects.

6. Baijiu

Put a clean bottle containing Baijiu in the container of rice. The bottle mouth is higher than the rice noodles. If the lid is not covered, the container will be tightly covered, so that the worm can be prevented.

How to deal with black insects in the rice

Precautions for rice storage:

1. Rice should not be stored together with fish, meat, vegetables and other foods with high moisture content, otherwise rice will absorb water and cause mildew.

2. Rice should not be stored in the kitchen because of the high temperature in the kitchen; High humidity has a great impact on the quality of rice.

3. Rice should not touch the ground against the wall. It is usually placed on the base plate. The purpose of doing so is also to prevent rice from mildew or insects.

4. Rice should not be placed next to the stove. If it is too close to the heat source, the rice will heat up and cause quality changes.

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