Can starch be used as jelly

Starch can be used as jelly. We only need to prepare an appropriate amount of starch and mix it with equal proportion of water, then prepare water with four times the amount of starch into the pot to boil, and then pour the starch water into the pot to stir. After a few minutes, the liquid can be filled out to cool and form.

Can starch be used as jelly

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Ordinary starch can be used to make jelly. If you want to use starch to make jelly, first we need to prepare an appropriate amount of starch. Then mix the starch with water equal to it, and ensure that the starch is completely melted without excess particles.

Next, you need to take out the pot and pour water into the pot to boil. The amount of water here can be controlled to four times the amount of starch. After the water boils, you can put the adjusted starch water into the pot and cook it without stopping stirring.

Can starch be used as jelly

After about a few minutes, we can take the liquid out of the pot and pour it into the prepared jelly mold to cool. Here we can add some fruit to the mold according to our preferences, and then we just need to wait for the jelly to cool and form.

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