Can you eat what cockroaches climb

You can't eat what has been climbed by cockroaches. It can lead to some bacterial or viral infections, and even parasitic infections. After eating, it is prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and other related diseases. In addition, we must ensure a clean diet, do not eat expired and deteriorated food, and do not eat food stored for a long time.

Can you eat what cockroaches climb

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Cockroaches are one of the "four pests" in life. They often appear in humid and dark environments. The number of bacteria and viruses attached to its body surface cannot be determined. If it climbs onto food, a large number of pathogenic microorganisms may remain, so it is not recommended to eat.

In addition, cockroaches have a strong ability to spread diseases and are the culprit of a variety of infectious diseases. It can carry and spread various pathogenic bacteria through the body surface and intestinal cavity, and its excreta and exfoliated epidermis will also carry allergic viruses.

Can you eat what cockroaches climb

And cockroaches have the bad habit of eating, spitting and excreting, and secrete smelly liquid. In its activities, it not only carries more than 40 pathogens, but also an important vector of intestinal diseases and parasitic diseases. Its secretions and feces contain a variety of harmful substances. So, even if you just climb, don't eat.

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