How to choose mangosteen

How to choose mangosteen:

1. Look at the color, whether the color of the lower leaf petal of the fruit pedicle is fresh. If it is black or brown, it is not fresh. Try to choose the one with bright color.

2. Pinch the shell. The softer the shell is, the more elastic it is, the fresher it is. On the contrary, the harder it is, the more dry it is, the fresher it is.

3. If you choose a fruit with more petals, the pulp will be more and the taste will be better.

How to choose mangosteen

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Mangosteen, formerly known as shanmangji persimmon, is native to Maluku. It is widely cultivated in tropical Asia and Africa. It is also introduced or tested in Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong and Yunnan. Generally, it takes 10 years for planting to begin. It has very strict environmental requirements. Therefore, it is a real green fruit. It is as famous as durian and known as the "Queen of fruit". Besides its sweet taste, mangosteen is also used to control fever temperature and prevent various skin infections.

How to choose mangosteen

Mangosteen contains very rich nutritional value, among which the protein and lipid contained in mangosteen are very rich, which plays a good role in supplementing nutrition to the human body, especially for the people with malnutrition, physical weakness and disease.

Mangosteen pulp contains 16.8% soluble solids and 0.63% citric acid. It also contains other vitamins B1, B2, C4 and minerals, which can reduce dryness, cool and antipyretic. Therefore, mangosteen is not only delicious, but also has the effect of reducing fire, which can overcome the dryness and heat of durian.

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