The difference between sand gold and gold

The difference between placer gold and gold is mainly in purity. Placer gold is a kind of gold with low purity. It belongs to raw gold. It is a natural ore mixed with sand and stone, which has not been refined; Gold is purified by gold technology. The color of gold varies according to its fineness. More than 90% is red yellow, eight is light yellow and seven is cyan. Gold is golden.

The difference between sand gold and gold

Placer gold is gold produced at the bottom of the river or low-lying areas, mixed with stone sand and washed out. Placer gold originated from the mine because the gold ore was exposed to the ground. After long-term wind and rain, the rock was weathered and cracked. The gold separated from the ore vein, followed by the sediment down the water, naturally precipitated in the stone sand, and deposited as a gold bearing layer at the bottom of the river or under the sand, thus forming placer gold.

The difference between sand gold and gold

Gold is purified by gold technology with high purity. Gold is one of the rarer, more precious and highly valued metals. In the world, gold is generally expressed in ounces. In ancient China, two ounces were used as gold units. It is a very important metal. It is not only a special currency for reserve and investment, but also an important material for jewelry industry, electronics industry, modern communication, aerospace industry and other departments.

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