What season is ugly orange

Ugly orange is a fruit in spring. The specific ripening time is around February of each spring. However, due to the different temperature in each place, the ripening time of ugly orange is also different. For example, some places are relatively hot, which will lead to the early ripening time of ugly oranges, which can be eaten in January.

What season is ugly orange

Ugly Orange:

Ugly orange is ugly orange and ugly orange. Its scientific name is unknown fire. Also known as convex top orange, ugly, ugly orange, etc. It was bred by crossing Qingjian citrus with Zhongye No. 3 Ponkan at the horticultural experimental farm of Japan's Ministry of agriculture and water in 1972.

What season is ugly orange

morphological character:

The fruit shape and size are uneven. The fruit stem is like Sanbao citrus, with a raised short neck or no short neck. The peel is yellow and orange. It starts to color in mid October and is completely colored in early December. The peel is yellow orange, 3.5-5mm thick. The skin of mature fruit is slightly thick. Easy to peel, with Ponkan flavor and no floating skin.

The pulp is orange, the meat is soft and juicy, the capsule wall is very thin and soft, and the taste is crisp and sweet. The sugar content of fruit juice is 13-14 degrees. Different cultivation sites also have a temperature of up to 16 degrees. The acidity is about 1% at maturity. The mature period is from February to March, and the trees can be kept fresh until mid to late April. It has good flavor and quality. The market price is generally 10-12 yuan a catty.

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