How to choose oysters

How to choose Oysters:

1. Look at the shell. The thicker the shell of the oyster, the bigger it is, which means the fuller the meat of the oyster.

2. Look at the seam. The closer the seam of the oyster, the fresher the oyster is. If it can be opened with a gentle break, it means it is not fresh and should not be purchased.

3. Look at the meat quality. If conditions permit, you can open the shell of the oyster to observe the meat quality. If the meat is full, the color is saturated, and there is no excess juice, it means that it is a good oyster, otherwise it is not good.

How to choose oysters

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Oyster, also known as oyster, is the most zinc rich food in all foods. It is a good zinc supplement food. It is generally fixed on shallow sea objects or seaside reefs, and feeds and breathes with the movement of opening and closing shells. It is a filter feeding organism, with small zooplankton, diatoms and organic debris as the main food.

Oysters produce airflow in the water by vibrating the cilia on their gills. The water enters their gills, and the suspended particles in the water are stuck by mucus. The cilia and tentacles on the gills classify the particles according to their size. Then the small particles are sent to the mouth, and the large particles are transported to the edge of the sheath and thrown out.

How to choose oysters

Oysters are mostly hermaphroditic, but there are also hermaphrodites. In addition, birds, starfish, snails and fish, including rays, eat oysters. Oysters face other life threats, such as the occupation of the oyster bed by a mollusk called pink slippers, the extrusion of oysters, and diseases caused by various protozoan parasites. Human overfishing and industrial sewage are also risks faced by oysters.

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