Can 150ml water emulsion pass the security check

150ml water emulsion can pass the high-speed rail security inspection, but the aircraft security inspection cannot. There is no requirement for the liquid skin care product in the regulations of the railway administration, so the normal size emulsion can be carried on the high speed rail. However, it is clearly stipulated on the plane that the maximum capacity of water emulsion is 100ml. If it exceeds, it cannot pass the security check.

Can 150ml water emulsion pass the security check

Precautions for security inspection:

1. Carry liquid cosmetics no more than 100ml each

Take liquid cosmetics with you on domestic flights. Each type is limited to one piece. The container volume of each piece is no more than 100ml. Note that the container is no more than 100ml. Even if you carry 150ml of water emulsion, you can't take 50ml left. It is forbidden to carry liquids on international flights.

2. The total volume of liquid cosmetics carried with you is not allowed to exceed 1000 ml

All the liquid cosmetics that you carry with you can be put into a 1000ml transparent bag with zipper, and each passenger can only carry one transparent bag on the plane. After exceeding the specified volume, you can't carry them on the plane, and you need to go through the check-in formalities.

3. The following cosmetics are liquids

These objects are considered liquid: mascara, hairspray, nail polish, hair gel, lip gloss, shampoo, perfume, gel deodorant, hand cream, toothpaste, hand slobber, mouthwash. All of these belong to the category of liquids. Liquid products include all liquids, paste, paste, gel and spray products.

Can 150ml water emulsion pass the security check

What if there is less than 150ml of the lotion left?

If the remaining liquid in the bottle is less than 150ml, but the capacity of the bottle is 150ml, it can not pass the aircraft security inspection.

The correct way should be to put the water emulsion in a 100ml container, and then put all liquid items in a 1L transparent bag before they can pass the security check. In order to facilitate the security inspection, it is best to install the water emulsion and other things separately in advance when the security inspection is carried out, so as to avoid being in a hurry and delaying the travel time.

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