What is vinegar made of

Vinegar is fermented from glutinous rice, sorghum, rice, corn, wheat, sugar and wine. Vinegar is a necessity in daily life. Vinegar has many uses. It is usually used as seasoning, but sometimes it appears as a prop to trick, punish, prevent influenza and be jealous by some people on some occasions.

What is vinegar made of

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Vinegar plays an important role in the cooking of Chinese food. It is often used in sliced vegetables, cold dishes, etc. there are a wide variety of vinegar, including rice vinegar, wheat vinegar, bran vinegar, bad vinegar, etc. Rice vinegar is mostly used for medicine. It tastes sour and bitter, has a warm nature and is non-toxic. It can disperse blood stasis and detoxify, lower Qi, eliminate food, soothe Ascaris, remove Ascaris, and kill insects such as fish, meat and vegetables. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is also an important medicine to astringe Qi and blood. Be good at curing the blood and Qi obstruction of the heart and abdomen, postpartum blood dizziness of women, etc.

What is vinegar made of

China is the earliest country in the world where vinegar was brewed from grains. There were written records of vinegar as early as the 8th century BC. During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there were workshops dedicated to brewing vinegar. By the Han Dynasty, vinegar began to be widely produced.

During the northern and Southern Dynasties, the output and sales of vinegar were very large. The famous work Qi Min Yao Shu at that time systematically summarized the experience and achievements of Chinese working people in vinegar making from ancient times to the Northern Wei Dynasty. The book contains 22 methods of vinegar making, which is also the earliest record of grain and food brewing vinegar in China's existing historical materials.

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