Can the cooked food pass the security check

Whether the cooked food can pass the security inspection depends on whether the food has soup. If it has soup, it cannot be taken on the plane through the security inspection, because it involves the problem of liquid prohibition. If ordinary fried and cooked meals can be taken on the plane through security inspection.

Can the cooked food pass the security check

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Security inspection refers to safety inspection, which refers to the inspection of the implementation of safety production laws and regulations, safety production status, labor conditions and potential accidents of construction projects. Its main contents include checking ideas, systems, mechanical equipment, safety and health facilities, safety education and training, production personnel behavior, construction of protective articles, handling of casualty accidents, etc.

Can the cooked food pass the security check

The main content of safety inspection is to check whether passengers and their luggage carry guns, ammunition, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic and radioactive and other dangerous goods, so as to ensure the personal and property safety of aircraft and passengers. Security inspection must be carried out before passengers board the plane. Those who refuse inspection are not allowed to board the plane. Those who undermine civil aviation security shall be punished in accordance with civil aviation security regulations.

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