What does music post office mean

The music post office is an activity launched by the national K song. In this activity, you can choose to send a letter, that is, send your song to a stranger randomly, or open the letter and listen to a stranger's song randomly. You can get a prop in the national K song of flowers for others or yourself.

What does music post office mean

Extended data:

National k-song is a k-song software produced by Tencent, which was launched on September 1, 2014. "National karaoke" has a large number of high-quality accompaniment and original singing audio, covering the latest and hottest songs. As long as you dare to search, you can definitely sing.

Software features:

1. Song practice mode

Sing the assigned passages together and score the phonetic symbols of Japanese, Korean and Cantonese songs by the intelligent system to help you quickly improve your singing skills.

2. Friends challenge Arena

Fight songs with your friends and compete for the champion's throne.

3. Massive accompaniment

Massive high-quality accompaniment and original singing audio give you the best karaoke experience.

4. Interesting tuning

Simulate various reverberation sound effects in theaters and concerts, and turn them into male and female voices at will.

What does music post office mean

5. Interesting interaction

Send bullet screens to friends' works, send flowers to friends, and have fun in all kinds of fun interactive ways.

6. Social sharing

Share your works with QQ, wechat and QQ space, and let more people become your fans.

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