Can Sunscreen Spray go through the subway security check?

Sunscreen spray can't pass the subway security check. Because the sunscreen spray is a vacuum pressure tank and contains ethanol and alkane, it is extremely prone to explosions under high temperatures, collisions and open flames.

Sunscreen Spray is a serious contraband in summer. There are usually more people on the subway. In a crowded and limited environment, we should pay more attention to all the people and objects that may cause explosion. We should check ahead and prevent them.

Can Sunscreen Spray go through the subway security check?

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Sunscreen Spray is a newly developed sunscreen product. In addition to traditional sunscreen products, carry one with you, which can make up for the problem that you can't reapply sunscreen outdoors for a long time.

At the same time, there is no greasy trouble of general sunscreen. In addition to sprayed on the whole body and face, if hair is found to be yellow and dry, it can also use sunscreen spray directly on hair, which helps hair to achieve sunscreen.

Can Sunscreen Spray go through the subway security check?

Before Sunscreen Spray, keep sunscreen evenly. Apply it about 15 minutes before going out, about 20 cm away from the face, spray it on the face quickly and evenly from the hair line to the chin, close your eyes and mouth, and pat it evenly with your fingers. Apply proper amount to the whole body before sun exposure. Rub regularly, especially after swimming or sweating a lot. It is especially recommended to spray sunscreen before sunning and regularly rub the whole face and neck. It is not recommended to use on sensitive and sunburned skin after sunburn.

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