What is the function of lotion

The function of make-up water is to remove oil, achieve water and oil balance, relieve skin and replenish water. After washing your face every day, you need to use make-up water, which is a refreshing and transparent liquid, which can well remove the oil on the skin, soften the skin cutin, and promote the subsequent skin to absorb the nutrition of other skin care products.

What is the function of lotion

There are many types of make-up water, which can be divided into moisturizing type, convergence type and softening type. It is suggested that you can choose the appropriate type of make-up water according to different efficacy purposes. Generally, you can choose the appropriate one from the three types of skin.

What is the function of lotion

The use of make-up water can make the follow-up skin care in place and lay the foundation for the absorption behind the skin. At the same time, different make-up water plays different roles, and the use methods of make-up water with different effects are also different. However, in most cases, it needs to be used with make-up cotton, otherwise it is easy to waste make-up water by direct hand.

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