Use of coffee grounds

Coffee grounds have the ability to absorb peculiar smell, so they have a good deodorization function.

1. You can put coffee grounds on a small plate and in the toilet.

2. Sew it in the cloth bag and put it in the shoe cabinet, which can dehumidify and play the role of fragrance. Of course, the effect is the most obvious in shoes.

3. Make tea bags and put them in the refrigerator instead of refrigerator deodorant.

4. Put it in the corner of the room to absorb the peculiar smell and drive away the pests at the same time.

5. Put it in the ashtray, it can remove the smell of smoke, and it is also easy to extinguish the cigarette butt.

Use of coffee grounds

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Coffee bean refers to the plant fruit used to make coffee. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of coffee beans in the world, Arabica beans and robusta beans. The fruit of coffee is composed of two oval seeds. The side connected with each other is the flat joint, which is called flat bean. But there is also a round seed called round bean, which has no different taste.

Use of coffee grounds

The earliest Arabs ate coffee by chewing the whole fruit to absorb its juice. Later, they mixed ground coffee beans with animal fat as a physical supplement for long-distance travel. It was not until about 1000 A.D. that green coffee beans were boiled in boiling water to become an aromatic beverage.

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