What is the use of expired red wine

Use of expired red wine:

1. Make the mask. Grape wine polyphenols produced by red wine can make skin more white, activate the skin, restore skin elasticity, and improve the overall condition of your skin, so that your cheeks become more full and bright. Therefore, using red wine to make facial mask can effectively whiten facial skin.

2. Fruits and vegetables at home can also be washed with red wine, which has the effect of sterilization.

What is the use of expired red wine

Expansion materials:

The composition of red wine is quite simple. It is a fruit wine brewed by natural fermentation. The most content is grape juice, accounting for more than 80%, followed by alcohol naturally fermented by sugar in grapes, generally 10% to 30%, and the remaining substances are more than 1000, more than 300 important. Other important components of red wine include tartaric acid, pectin, minerals and tannic acid.

What is the use of expired red wine

The standard storage temperature of red wine is about 12 ℃ for dry red and 13 ℃ - 20 ℃ for dry white. Since the main component of red wine is water, the lower the storage temperature is, the worse it is for the best drinking temperature when serving wine. Therefore, it is also a very important standard to keep it above a certain temperature line (generally more than 5 degrees Celsius).

For red wine, constant temperature is very important, because temperature changes will promote the continuous activation of enzymes, which will affect the quality of red wine. The standard storage humidity of red wine is 55% - 65%. Too high will lead to cork rot, red wine expansion and affect the quality. Too low causes oxygen to enter the bottle and oxidize the red wine.

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