What do you mean by iron barracks and flowing soldiers

The iron barracks and flowing soldiers are a common saying, which means that the barracks are fixed, and every year, veterans leave and recruits come, just like flowing water, to illustrate the hard work of soldiers and the position of people will change. This sentence usually appears at the time of parting. The barracks are fixed, but every year there are veterans and recruits, just like running water. This is how the iron barracks and flowing soldiers come from. It is a metaphor for the alternation of new and old in the army every year.

What do you mean by iron barracks and flowing soldiers

Iron camp refers to the fixed barracks and living facilities, which will never change. The soldiers are all in military service. There is a certain time limit for military service. When the time comes, metropolis will retire and return home. This kind of departure is like flowing water, and the only constant is that the clank barracks are still standing. At first, this sentence simply expressed a phenomenon in the army, and later extended to leave separately, such as graduation of students, demobilization of soldiers and so on.

What do you mean by iron barracks and flowing soldiers

In terms of business personnel flow, the deep meaning mainly means that people tend to take tea cool. It also means that people's life can't draw a conclusion in a short time. It's a person's life with ups and downs for 30 years.

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