Will stepping on a cockroach produce a lot of cockroaches

meeting. Cockroaches have strong vitality. Although cockroaches are dead, their bodies may carry cockroach egg sheaths, which can still survive.

If the dead cockroach is thrown into the trash can, the cockroach egg sheath carried by the dead cockroach can reproduce cockroaches; In addition, if egg scabbards stay in the seams of shoes after stepping flat, walk around at home and hatch, it will expand their range of activities. So stepping on a cockroach will produce a lot of cockroaches.

Will stepping on a cockroach produce a lot of cockroaches

Cockroaches are common medical insects. Cockroaches are flat, dark brown and usually medium-sized. The head is small and can move. Long filamentous antennae and developed compound eyes. The wings are flat, the front wings are leathery, the rear wings are membranous, and the front and rear wings are basically equal in size, covering the back of the abdomen; Some species have no wings. He is not good at flying, but can walk quickly. Not completely abnormal. About 6000 species lay eggs in the egg sheath, mainly in tropical and subtropical areas, living in the wild or indoors.

Will stepping on a cockroach produce a lot of cockroaches

How to deal with dead cockroaches:

The best way to deal with dead cockroaches is to burn them with fire, so that even those with egg sheaths can be burned; You can also scald with boiling water. The dead cockroach or egg sheath scalded with boiling water can be thrown into the sewer and washed away.

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