What does Reuters photo mean

Reuters photo means express photo. Or, more simply, the latest news. Set Reuters is the set news, which directly hits the latest news on the set. Many fans call their idols' Street Photos, airport photos and theater photos "Reuters photos".

What does Reuters photo mean

Extended data:

Reuters is a multimedia news agency founded by Paul Julius Reuters in Aachen, Germany in 1851. Headquartered in Britain, Reuters is one of the earliest news agencies in the world, the largest news agency in Britain and one of the four major Western news agencies.

What does Reuters photo mean

It provides news reports to newspapers, television stations and other media, and is internationally renowned for its speed and accuracy. It also provides tools and platforms, such as stock prices and foreign currency exchange rates.

Reuters news generally includes special express, urgent telegram and ordinary telecommunication. The timeliness of these three types of telecommunications decreases in order and the length increases in order. Express is mainly aimed at commercial users. Express is mainly applicable to government agencies and electronic media subscribers, while ordinary telecommunications mainly serves other news media subscribers.

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