Isn't white jade mushroom poisonous

The purpose of blanching water is to remove the fishy and bitter taste of white jade mushroom. Therefore, white jade mushroom needs to be boiled with boiling water. The protein content of white jade mushroom is higher than that of ordinary vegetables, the proportion of essential amino acids is appropriate, and there are a variety of trace elements and other essential substances for human body. In order to play a good health care role, it should be eaten for a long time.

Isn't white jade mushroom poisonous

Extended data:

White jade mushroom belongs to Umbelliferae, tricholomidae and white mushroom. It is a rare edible fungus. The whole body is white and crystal clear. It is more superior in taste. The mushroom body is crisp, tender, fresh and smooth, sweet and delicious. It has the effects of defecation, detoxification, blood pressure reduction and so on.

White mushrooms contain crude fiber, semi coarse fiber and lignin which are difficult to digest, which can keep the water balance in the intestine, absorb the remaining cholesterol and sugar, and discharge them out of the body. It is very beneficial to prevent constipation, intestinal cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and so on.

Isn't white jade mushroom poisonous


White mushroom and quail meat are eaten together: the combination of these two foods can not absorb each other's nutrients, but may make the face easy to grow black spots.

White jade mushroom and river crab eat together: because white jade mushroom contains a lot of vitamin D, river crab is also rich in vitamin D. If the two are eaten together, the content of vitamin D in the human body will be too high, resulting in increased calcium. Long term consumption is easy to cause stone symptoms.

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