Can instant noodles be eaten after expiration

Instant noodles are out of date and can't be eaten. Because instant noodles are fried foods, the content of oil is relatively high. After expiration, the oil will form some harmful oil oxides after oxidation. Secondly, preservatives are added to instant noodles, which will cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal pain, and may also lead to food poisoning.

Can instant noodles be eaten after expiration

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The shelf life of instant noodles is generally 18 months. Instant noodles are inedible if they have expired. As we all know, in order to store, instant noodles will add some preservatives. After being placed for a long time, the oil in instant noodles will be oxidized and decomposed by air to produce toxic aldehyde peroxides. Eating instant noodles that have gone bad with this oil will pose a threat to health.

Can instant noodles be eaten after expiration

In addition, the packaging of instant noodles is broken, the sealing is not tight, and the storage time is too long. It is also possible to be polluted by bacteria and poisons. Therefore, the hygiene of instant noodles can not be ignored. Generally, the purchase quantity shall be determined according to the demand. It is not suitable to store too much at one time, and the storage time shall not be too long. It is necessary to buy products with intact packaging, clear trademark and clear manufacturer. If the package is broken, it is easy to be polluted, which will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of instant noodles.

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