Can potato sprout and eat

Potato sprouts and can be eaten. It will not produce some toxic substances and will not cause harm to human body. Remove the germinated part before eating, and then steam it. However, after the potato sprouts, a large amount of water will be lost, and the nutritional value will be greatly reduced. The taste will be worse, so try not to wait until it sprouts.

Can potato sprout and eat

nutritive value:

Potato is rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A has the reputation of "little eye guard". When the carotene in the potato is absorbed by the human body, it can be converted into vitamin A, which plays a great role in the maintenance of vision.

Can potato sprout and eat

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Potato sprouts can be eaten, but if there are dark brown spots on the surface of potato, it can not be eaten. Because the black spot is polluted by bacteria.

The toxin discharged by black spot fungus makes the potato hard and bitter, which is highly toxic to the human liver. This toxin is not easily destroyed even if it is boiled and burned. After eating, many people will get sick, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms within 24 hours.

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