What season is the yellow plum season

The yellow plum season is usually in the late spring and early summer of each year. In May, the plums in Jiangnan are yellow and ripe. Most of them are rainy and rainy. It becomes the "plum rain season", so it is called the "yellow plum season" in Jiangnan rainy season. It means the season when plums in Jiangnan are ripe in early summer. "Huangmei season" comes from Zhao Shixiu's "inviting guests".

What season is the yellow plum season

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Zhao Shixiu

It rains at home in the season of yellow plum, and frogs are everywhere in the green grass pond.

Have an appointment not to come in the middle of the night, leisurely knocking chess pieces and falling lanterns


When the plum is yellow, every family is shrouded in the rain. There are bursts of frogs on the edge of the pond full of grass.

It was past midnight, and the invited guests had not come yet. I tapped the chess pieces bored and knocked down the pimples formed by the wick when I lit the oil lamp.

What season is the yellow plum season

Appreciation of ancient poetry:

"Inviting a guest" is a seven character quatrain created by Zhao Shixiu, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. This poem describes the poet's scene of visiting alone on a stormy summer night. The first two sentences explain the environment and season at that time. "Huangmei", "rain", "pond" and "frog everywhere" describe the scene of summer night in the plum rain season in the south of the Yangtze River: the continuous rain and the sound of frogs, which seems to show a very "lively" environment. In fact, the poet wants to contrast its "Silence". The last two periods show people and things. The master waited patiently and anxiously. He had nothing to do, knocked on the chess pieces, and quietly looked at the glittering lanterns.

The poem uses the way of writing scenery and expressing feelings, which expresses the poet's loneliness. Feelings and scenes blend, fresh, meaningful and thought-provoking.

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