Is the air conditioning water poisonous

The air conditioning water is not poisonous. The water from the air conditioner is actually condensed water, which flows out under the influence of the internal space environment of the air conditioner. Since most room air conditioners basically use large temperature difference and machine dew point air supply, condensate will be generated when the air supply temperature is lower than the dew point temperature corresponding to the mixing point of fresh air and return air. Under the action of gravity, this part of condensate falls into the water receiving tray of the evaporator and is discharged outdoors through the drain pipe.

Is the air conditioning water poisonous

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Condensed water refers to water vapor, that is, gaseous water. The liquid water formed through the condensation process is condensed water. It flows out of the water collecting tray under the evaporator of the indoor unit. Its flow is generally related to the moisture content of air, dew point temperature, room temperature, etc. it can be calculated by finding a wet air enthalpy and humidity diagram.

Is the air conditioning water poisonous

When the air conditioner works at room temperature refrigeration or dehumidification, 1 liter of condensate can be discharged every two hours. For example, install a coke bottle under the drainage pipe of the air conditioner, fill it and then put it into the container. A little makes a lot. It can not only be used to flush the toilet, wash the mop, raise fish and water flowers.

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