Is Sam's membership card universal in China

Sam's membership card is universal in the country. Sam's membership card is the membership card provided by Sam's membership store for its members. The annual membership fee is 150 yuan. Sam's club is a member chain store of Wal Mart department store in the United States. It is a warehouse shopping club specializing in serving members.

Is Sam's membership card universal in China

Extended data:

Sam's club has many stores around the world and is one of the largest membership stores in the world. It has developed an online shopping platform and a mobile app "Sam's club store" to provide members with online purchase channels.

Is Sam's membership card universal in China

Sam's club service features:

1. Free parking

Many Sam's club stores provide free parking. For example, Sam's club in Shenzhen has nearly 400 free parking spaces.

2. Pastry room

There is a "Sam leisure corridor" in the store to supply delicious food and fresh cakes.

3. Free consultation

Professionals are employed in the store to consult customers about computers, cameras, video recorders and related supplies free of charge, which helps to reduce the risk of blind purchase.

4. Business Center

There is a business center in the store, which can provide customers with a variety of services, including making and copying color documents, enlarging and shrinking engineering drawings, and high-speed text printing.

5. Delivery service

Delivery service can be provided when a purchase is over 2000 yuan or more, with 49 yuan each time within the specified range (because the delivery cost is not included in the commodity price).

6. Other services

Sam's club store in the United States also has health, business, financial management and some private services, such as providing health insurance, website development and maintenance, retail cost application, credit card portfolio scheme and support for car, boat and tourism projects.

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