What is Japanese tofu made of

Japanese tofu is made of eggs as the main raw material, supplemented by natural seasonings such as pure water and plant protein. Also known as egg tofu, Yuzi tofu and egg Yujing. With the smooth, fresh and tender tofu and the delicious fragrance of eggs, it enjoys a high reputation among consumers for its high quality, delicacy, nutrition, health, convenience and value for money.

What is Japanese tofu made of

Japanese Tofu:

Japanese tofu, also known as tofu, is a traditional high-quality plant protein food. It has high nutritional value and low price. It is deeply loved by the majority of consumers. In the past, ordinary tofu products often had some disadvantages, such as low strength, fragile and rotten, poor water retention and so on, which affected the sales of tofu products.

Soybean can be used as the main raw material, Xun glucose acid vinegar as the coagulant, and an appropriate amount of gelatin and other food additives can be added to overcome some shortcomings existing in the previous tofu production, and the shelf life of cold storage can reach more than one month.

What is Japanese tofu made of

nutritive value:

Japanese tofu is white and crystal like fat, with rich nutrition, crisp taste and attractive aroma. It tastes sweet and comfortable after eating. It is suitable for four seasons. It is a corrector of snack categories. It is suitable for drinking and eating.

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