Can cats eat eggs

Cats can eat eggs, but they should be cooked. Eggs are rich in high-quality protein and fat, which are essential nutrients for the cat's body, so the cat can eat eggs. However, it needs to be given appropriately according to the cat's physique, not too much.

Can cats eat eggs

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Secondly, different cats have different physique, and their adaptability to eggs is also different. Some cats can eat more eggs properly, but some cats can only eat a little or even can't. In addition, some cats are only suitable for eating egg yolk, and they are boiled eggs. They can't eat raw eggs and egg white.

Can cats eat eggs

So whether cats can eat eggs depends on the actual situation. As a parent, you can try to give the cat some cooked eggs and observe its physical reaction. If the cat has no abnormal reaction, you can give it some appropriately. On the contrary, if the cat has abnormal reaction, don't eat eggs for the cat in the future.

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