How to choose Hami melon to be sweet

How to choose Hami melon to be sweet: first, look at the melon marks. There are dense marks on Hami melon. The older the scars, the sweeter the melon is. Some melons have cracks on the marks, which is particularly ugly, indicating that the sweeter the melon, the more delicious it is. Smell the taste. Generally, mature melons have a faint melon fragrance. If there is no fragrance or fragrance, it indicates that this kind of melon is not ripe.

How to choose Hami melon to be sweet

Secondly, press, put your hand on the melon and press down. If the melon is solid, it means that the melon is cooked just right. If the melon is hard, it means that the melon is not ripe. You have to raise it when you buy it home. If the melon is ripe, you can't put it at home. It's easy to rot. In terms of skin color, green and hemp melons are generally sweet and delicious. Green and hemp colored melons are white at the top of the head when they are mature. When picking melons, you must pay attention to them, so that the selected melons are delicious.

How to choose Hami melon to be sweet

Finally, looking at the appearance, Hami melons are generally oval or olive shaped, of course, they are also round. Here we mainly talk about oval and olive shape. When selecting, we should see whether the vine at the end of the melon is green. If it is green, it means that the melon is fresh. Weigh the weight. The weight of fruit is the water in it. If the Hami melon is too heavy, it means that the melon is raw; If it is too light, it is likely that there is too much water loss in the Melon during transportation. The best way is to weigh two melons of the same size in your hand. A slightly heavy melon will generally be very sweet.

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