What are the ingredients of white jelly

White jelly is a snack made of plant jelly. White jelly is a traditional snack of the Han nationality. It is very popular all over the country. Because it tastes tender and smooth, its shape is crystal clear, and it can relieve summer heat and thirst. It is really a necessary summer food in summer. White jelly can not only be eaten directly, but also be made into various desserts. It can be said that there are a variety of eating methods, which can make people move their fingers and add color to summer.

What are the ingredients of white jelly

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Benefits of eating white jelly:

1. The heat relieving and antipyretic effect of white jelly is well known. Eating it in summer can alleviate the dry and hot feeling brought by the climate and make the body more comfortable.

2. White jelly contains a lot of carbohydrates. When the human body eats it, it is very easy to feel full. In this way, the human body's intake of other high calorie foods will be reduced, which can play the role of weight loss.

What are the ingredients of white jelly

3. White jelly contains natural plant gum, which can nourish yin and beauty. Long term consumption can beautify and nourish beauty, regulate endocrine, and is beneficial to women's health.

4. White jelly can promote gastric juice secretion, enhance appetite, stimulate spirit and make the human body energetic.

5. White jelly contains 80% water, which not only replenishes water to the human body, but also plays a role in promoting metabolism, moistening intestines and defecating.

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