There must be something hateful about the poor man. Where does it come from

"A poor man must be hateful" comes from a folk saying. Mr. Lu Xun used this sentence when commenting on his "Kong Yiji". This sentence reveals the problems of life philosophy and the criticism of a small number of people.

According to the usual moral standards, the real unhappiness of a seemingly poor person must be caused by previous mistakes or self blame. It is the hateful place of such a person to know that he is wrong and still refuses to correct after repeated education and self blame.

There must be something hateful about the poor man. Where does it come from

Extended data:

Kong Yiji is a short story written by Lu Xun. It was published in New Youth and later incorporated into cry. The novel describes the tragic image of Kong Yiji, poisoned by the decadent feudal thought and the imperial examination system, who was pedantic and careless, spent time in people's ridicule and banter, and finally swallowed up by the feudal landlord class. It reveals the poison of the imperial examination system to the spirit of intellectuals and the "cannibalism" essence of the feudal system, which has a strong anti feudal significance.

There must be something hateful about the poor man. Where does it come from

Environment makes people. Kong Yiji lives in the transitional period between the old and new society, and his character has two sides. On the one hand, Kong Yiji is kind and simple, on the other hand, he is pedantic and stubborn. It is really sad and angry. A character like Kong Yiji is undoubtedly a tragic image.

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