What season does plum blossom bloom

Plum blossoms bloom in winter. Plum blossom is the first of the top ten famous flowers in China. It is listed as the four gentlemen together with orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. It is also called "three friends in winter" together with pine and bamboo. In Chinese traditional culture, Mei gives people an incentive to work hard with its noble, strong and modest character. In the severe cold, plum blossoms come first, and spring is the only place in the world.

What season does plum blossom bloom

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Plum blossom is native to South China and has been cultivated for more than 3000 years. There are many varieties whether for ornamental or fruit trees. Many types are not only cultivated in the open for viewing, but also can be planted as potted flowers to make plum piles. Flowers can extract essence, flowers, leaves, roots and seeds can be used as medicine. The fruit can be eaten, salted, or smoked into black plum medicine, which has the effects of relieving cough, diarrhea, fluid production and thirst. Plum can also resist root nematode damage and can be used as rootstock for stone fruit trees.

What season does plum blossom bloom

Plum blossom is the spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation and China, with strong and universal appeal and driving force. The noble quality and steadfast integrity of plum blossom, cold and fragrant, and iron bone Bingxin have encouraged generations of Chinese people to bravely explore and create an excellent life and civilization. Some people believe that the character and integrity of plum blossom almost freehand the spiritual outlook of the Chinese "descendants of the dragon".

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