The lizard's tail is broken. Can it grow again

The lizard's tail can grow again after it is broken. When lizards and geckos are chased by enemies, the tail will automatically break off from the body to attract the enemy's attention, and then take the opportunity to escape. Soon the new tail will grow again, which is a common regeneration phenomenon in animals. The principle is that highly differentiated cells still have developmental potential like undifferentiated stem cells, that is, they maintain the totipotency of cells.

The lizard's tail is broken. Can it grow again

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Lizards are reptiles. They have tails. Animals generally have effective means to protect themselves in order to survive in the wild environment. So do lizards. They have some means of self-defense, one of which is by breaking their tails. The lizard's tail can be broken because its tail structure is very special. There are many broken tail points on it. The tail can be broken on these nodes. Moreover, the lizard's broken tail can move for a period of time, so that it can attract the enemy's attention and give itself time to escape. What's more, lizards can grow again after their tails are broken.

The lizard's tail is broken. Can it grow again

However, although the lizard's tail can still grow again, the newly grown tail is not exactly the same as the previous tail, because at this time, there is only cartilage in their new tail, which can not restore the previous appearance. Therefore, lizards don't easily break their tails. They only break their tails in very critical situations.

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