What kind of garbage do wine bottles belong to

Wine bottles belong to recyclable waste because they belong to glass products and can be recycled after processing.

Recyclable materials refer to domestic wastes suitable for recycling and recycling, such as waste paper, waste plastics, waste glass products, waste metals and waste fabrics.

Recyclables mainly include:

Newspapers, cartons, books, advertising leaflets, plastic bottles, plastic toys, oil drums, wine bottles, glasses, cans, old iron pots, old clothes, bags, old dolls, old digital products and old household appliances.

What kind of garbage do wine bottles belong to

Requirements for recyclables:

1. Keep clean and dry as far as possible to avoid pollution.

2. Waste paper shall be kept flat.

3. The contents of three-dimensional packaging shall be emptied and flattened after cleaning.

4. Waste glass products shall be put into operation with care, and those with sharp edges and corners shall be put into operation after being wrapped.

What kind of garbage do wine bottles belong to

Waste type:

1. Recyclable

Recyclables mainly include waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth.

2. Other garbage

Other wastes refer to domestic wastes other than recyclables, hazardous wastes and wet wastes.

Such as bricks, tiles, ceramics, muck, toilet waste paper, paper towels and other difficult to recycle wastes and dust, food bags (boxes).

3. Kitchen waste

Kitchen waste (called wet waste in Shanghai) includes food waste such as leftovers, bones, vegetable roots, leaves and peel.

4. Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste contains heavy metals harmful to human health, toxic substances or wastes that cause real or potential harm to the environment. Including batteries, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, mercury thermometers, paint barrels, some household appliances, expired drugs and their containers, expired cosmetics, etc.

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