Can lazy little hotpot pass the security check

If you take the motor car, there is no clear provision that you can't carry self heated hot pot, but you can't eat it on the motor car, otherwise it's easy to trigger the smoke alarm. When flying, it is not allowed to carry self heating products, because the self heating package in it belongs to dangerous goods.

Can lazy little hotpot pass the security check

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When taking the motor car, it is not clearly stipulated that self heating hot pot can not be carried, so it can be taken on the car, but it can not be eaten on the motor car, because there is a smoke alarm on the motor car, and the heating package in the self heating small hot pot will emit a lot of smoke when heated, which may trigger the smoke alarm, but the specific situation should be subject to the security inspection of the station.

Can lazy little hotpot pass the security check

When flying, the natural small hot pot cannot pass the security inspection, because according to relevant regulations, the self heating hot pot can neither be carried on the plane nor checked. Most of the self heating food is heated by heating bag and water, and the components contained in the self heating bag are flammable solids and are not allowed to be carried, but if you are reluctant to throw it away, It is recommended to open the self heating hot pot and take out the heating bag inside, so that you can board the plane.

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