Does the bear hibernate

Bears hibernate. They will start eating wildly at the end of the summer season to store enough fat. When it enters hibernation, its metabolism, heartbeat and body temperature will decrease, and it will no longer defecate, but convert its excreta into protein. So it can hibernate through the cold winter.

Does the bear hibernate

Bear is a kind of bear, also known as black bear, black blind and crescent bear. He is fat, can swim and climb trees. It is a mammal of carnivorous bear family. It is slightly smaller than the brown bear and has a strong body. Good at climbing trees and swimming. Asian black bears like to live in mountains and forests at an altitude of 1000 to 3000 meters.

They are distributed in two areas: from eastern Siberia to Northeast China and Japan. From Afghanistan and Pakistan to Vietnam and Thailand, it is now mostly distributed in the forest areas of eastern Eurasia, Taiwan, Japan and other places.

Does the bear hibernate

Black bears are omnivorous animals, mainly plants. They like all kinds of berries, plant leaves, bamboo shoots, moss and so on. They also like to eat honey, as well as all kinds of insects, frogs, fish and carrion. They occasionally break into farms to prey on livestock, but this behavior will naturally arouse human hatred and cause them to be slaughtered.

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