What are the Dai traditional festivals

Dai's traditional festivals are related to door Festival, door opening Festival, water sprinkling Festival and water sprinkling Festival.

Closing day: the Dai language "millivasa", which is on September 15 of the Dai calendar (mid July of the Gregorian calendar).

Open door Festival: it is called "ongvasa" in Dai language, and the time is on December 15 of Dai calendar (mid October of Gregorian calendar).

Water sprinkling Festival: it is called "sangkan Bimai" or "lenghe sangkan" in Dai language, which means June new year. It is in late June or early July of the Dai calendar (mid April of the Gregorian calendar).

Flower Street Festival: the 13th day of the first lunar month.

What are the Dai traditional festivals

Extended data:

Dai refers to the Thai and Lao nationalities, which are distributed in China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. It is one of the cross-border nationalities in China.

According to the distribution area, Dai people in China call themselves Dai Yu, Dai Na, Dai ya, Dai tau and Dai Duan. Xishuangbanna and other places call themselves "Dai Shan", Dehong and other places call themselves "Dai Na", the Dai people in Xinping, Yuanjiang and other places in the middle and upper reaches of the red river call themselves "Dai Ya", those along the borders of Ruili, Longchuan and Geng ma call themselves "Dai Tan", and those in Lancang mangjing and mangna are Dai Tan branches. The Han people call Dai He Shui Dai, Dai Na Han Dai, and Dai Ya Hua Yao Dai.

What are the Dai traditional festivals

The Dai people in China mainly live in Yunnan Province. The national language is Dai (Thai), and peacocks and elephants are regarded as mascots. Dai people like to live by water. They love cleanliness, frequent bathing and women love shampoo. Therefore, they are known as the "nation of water".

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