What kind of garbage do pillows belong to

Pillows are recyclable waste. Because pillows are generally textile, they can be recycled like clothes, trousers and other fabrics. Pillow is a sleep tool, which is used to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck and maintain people's normal physiological activities during sleep.

What kind of garbage do pillows belong to

Expansion materials:

Pillows are generally composed of pillow core and pillow case. The pillow core needs filling materials to keep the pillow at a certain height. At present, there are a variety of filling materials in the pillow market, including traditional Chinese medicine such as cassia seed, wild chrysanthemum and silkworm sand; There are grains such as buckwheat husk, chaff and cotton; In addition, corduroy, dandelion and waste tea are used as filling materials. In addition, materials processed by modern technology, such as porous vacuum cotton and slow rebound sponge, are filling materials with high popularity in the market.

What kind of garbage do pillows belong to

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that traditional Chinese medicine, as pillow core filling material, can slowly exert its medicinal power in people's long sleep, give play to their different effects, and can play a role in physical health care and even treat diseases.

Grain and other plant materials have always been regarded as traditional filling materials, mainly because they contain quite rich amino acids, which can be partially absorbed by the human body through skin friction and absorption in people's sleep. Pillow core materials made by modern technology mainly pay attention to the comfort of pillows.

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