Where is the origin of Langjiu

Lang Liquor is a specialty of Erlang Town, Gulin County, Sichuan Province. It is brewed with the water of Lang spring in erlangtan, Gulin county. Erlang town is a good quality zone of Maotai flavor Baijiu liquor. Therefore, Langjiu has the characteristics of Maotai flavor, mellow, cool, elegant and delicate. It is known as "one tree and three flowers", and refers to Luzhou flavor, Maotai flavor and flavor.

Where is the origin of Langjiu

Extended data:

Lang Liquor is characterized by "outstanding Maotai flavor, mellow, pure and cool, elegant and delicate, long aftertaste and long fragrance in an empty cup". Although it is brewed according to the process of Maotai, its taste is different from the Maotai flavor. The aroma is more fragrant and strong, with the taste of "thick with sauce". Therefore, someone once praised: "there are many good wines in Sichuan, and Lang wine has a long aftertaste".

Where is the origin of Langjiu

From the "goji sauce wine" in the Han Dynasty to the "Fengqu method wine" in the Song Dynasty, and from the "sand returning process" to the "plate blending", Lang wine has inherited the ancient brewing method of more than 1000 years, forming a unique process of "high temperature koji making, two grain feeding, drying hall stacking, sand returning fermentation, nine steaming, eight fermentation, seven wine taking, years of hole storage and plate blending".

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