Can 150g facial cleanser get on the plane

150g facial cleanser can't get on the plane. Cosmetics such as facial cleanser and sunscreen belong to liquid category. There are restrictions on carrying liquid objects on the plane, and it is usually allowed to carry a single liquid with a volume of no more than 100 ml. Passengers on domestic flights in China can carry liquid goods with a total amount of no more than 1 liter per person each time. The excess part must be checked, and the liquid goods can be carried only after they are checked and confirmed by bottle opening.

Can 150g facial cleanser get on the plane

Extended data:

Notice of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on the announcement on prohibiting passengers from carrying liquid goods on domestic flights:

1. Passengers on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid goods, but they can handle delivery, and their packaging shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.

2. Passengers shall carry a small amount of cosmetics for their own use. Each kind of cosmetics shall be limited to one piece. The container volume shall not exceed 100ml, and shall be placed in a separate bag for bottle opening inspection

3. For passengers from abroad who need to transfer to domestic flights at airports in China, the duty-free liquid goods brought into China shall be placed in a transparent plastic bag with intact bag body and sealed, and the shopping voucher shall be presented. They can only be carried after being confirmed by security inspection.

Can 150g facial cleanser get on the plane

4. Passengers with babies can apply to the airline when purchasing tickets, and the airline will provide liquid dairy products free of charge on board; Diabetes patients or other patients carry the necessary liquid medicine, after the safety inspection is confirmed, they will be kept in the custody of the unit.

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