How to choose eggs

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First look at the appearance. It's best not to buy eggs with sand spots on the eggshell, because its eggshell is thin and easy for bacteria to enter the egg.

Second, listen to the sound, pick up the egg and shake it in your ear. If there is no sound, it is a fresher egg; The sound of water is old eggs.

Third, smell the eggs. Fresh eggs will have a slight taste of quicklime, but old eggs don't.

Fourth, illuminate the egg with light and observe the egg against the light. The color of the good egg is transparent.

How to choose eggs

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Eggs are one of the best sources of human nutrition. Eggs contain protein and eight essential amino acids; Fat contains a lot of lecithin, triglyceride, cholesterol and yolk; Minerals include iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc; Vitamin A, B2. B6. D, e and niacin.

How to choose eggs

Rolling a freshly cooked hot egg on the face for a few minutes can promote the vasodilation of facial skin, enhance blood circulation, absorb nutrients, and then shrink pores and blood vessels with cold water. It is a simple and economical way of beauty. If the human body lacks vitamin B2, people will be depressed, lazy all day, and often feel general weakness.

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