How to deal with moldy wallpaper

Tips for handling moldy Wallpaper:

1. If the moldy area of wallpaper is large, the best way is to replace the wallpaper as a whole.

2. The moldy area of wallpaper is not large. It is recommended to wipe with soapy water or detergent. The best way is to replace the wallpaper as a whole

3. Use bleach or mold remover. However, bleach is easy to stimulate the skin, so you must wear gloves and pour a certain amount of water into it. You can also buy a special mold remover for cleaning.

How to deal with moldy wallpaper

Reasons for moldy Wallpaper:

1. The wall itself is damp and moldy

In the process of decoration, the quality of the wall is not qualified, resulting in the damp of the wall, which makes the wallpaper pasted on the wall moldy. There are cracks in the wall, so that the rain seeps into the wall, resulting in moldy wall and moldy wallpaper. Secondly, there is a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, water condenses on the wall, and the wallpaper becomes moldy when encountering water.

2. Mildew and blackening caused by deterioration of wallpaper glue

Due to the long drying time of mortar and powder, it may not dry completely for months. In this way, the starch inside is easy to deteriorate in a humid environment for a long time, resulting in mildew and blackening. The mold will spread, so the wallpaper will be moldy.

How to deal with moldy wallpaper

How to prevent moldy Wallpaper:

1. Choose breathable materials

If you want wallpaper to have a long service life and not moldy, you should choose a material with good air permeability when purchasing wallpaper. There are wood fiber wallpaper on the market, as well as non-woven, glass fiber substrate, PVC and cloth wallpaper. Do not buy PVC wallpaper, because it is airtight, it will suffocate the wall, and it will become moldy over time.

2. Keep walls dry

Before laying wallpaper, we must keep the wall dry and deal with the gap of the wall. Moreover, sea sand cannot be used in the wall construction during decoration, because it will absorb water, so it is easy to get moldy when laying wallpaper on it.

3. Pay attention to paving quality

When paving wallpaper, the expansion position must be reserved, because it will be watered during paving, which will wet the wallpaper and shrink to a certain extent after drying. Wallpaper paving quality should be paid great attention to, so that the paving can be more perfect and the effect can be better.

4. Insist on use and maintenance

After the wallpaper is paved, the windows and doors cannot be fully opened, so the wallpaper will dry rapidly, resulting in uneven shrinkage and cracking of the wallpaper joints. However, it can be ventilated after three days. The windows can be opened during the day and closed at night to avoid moisture.

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