Are rabbits protected animals

The hare is a national second-class protected animal. Like to live in mixed forests with water and trees, as well as sandy desert areas in grassland areas, especially in young thorny poplar and Sophora japonica forests. Secondly, there are water sources, bean fields and vegetable fields of radish and cabbage nearby. There are often many rabbits near the wasteland. The impact of water on rabbits is very important, so there are few rabbits in water shortage areas.

Are rabbits protected animals

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Rabbits usually eat once every two days and like to be dry. Like to inhabit in low dry shrubs, and eat at the foot of the mountain with sparse shrubs from the habitat down the path on the mountain late at night or early in the morning. Almost no body fat.

The hare has strong concealment. When it is stationary, its hair color is mixed with the surrounding weeds, which is not easy to detect even if people are within one meter. And the hare seems to know this. When people don't pay attention, it suddenly runs out at their feet, which startles people.

Are rabbits protected animals

Whether it's a hare or a rabbit, we usually can't hear their cry. We even think rabbits can't cry, but it's not. When frightened or captured, it will make screams, especially when captured, it will make a sound similar to baby crying, and the timid will feel afraid.

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