What does ol mean

Ol means office girl. Ol is the abbreviation of "office lady", which is interpreted as "white-collar female" or "office female staff" in Chinese. It means female office clerks who dress up in style, have certain ability to handle affairs, and have both beauty and wisdom.

What does ol mean

Extended data:

The term "ol" was first used mainly in Japan. At the beginning, they were mostly called "BG" with the first word of "business girl". However, in 1963, the year before the Tokyo Olympic Games, it came out that "BG" is the abbreviation of "bar girl", which means prostitution ". Women themselves held a vote to replace the name of" BG ", that is," ol ", in order to prevent misunderstanding by foreigners who came to watch the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Influenced by Japanese culture, the term "ol" has been widely used in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the early years.

What does ol mean

Other meanings:

Ol is online, which usually refers to online games (hereinafter referred to as "online games"). Common sayings include "hope ol", "fairy sword OL", etc.

Ol is Ollie, which means jumping when encountering obstacles. It is a basic action of skateboarding.

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