What season is grain in ear

Grain in ear is summer. Grain in ear is one of the 24 solar terms. Grain in ear is the busiest season for mature crops such as wheat to mature and cultivate. The time point is before and after June 6 of the Gregorian calendar every year, when the sun reaches 75 ° of the Yellow meridian. Grain in ear has abundant rainfall and the temperature has increased significantly. There are folk customs such as sending flower gods, arranging seedlings, fighting mud battles, boiling plum and so on.

What season is grain in ear

Extended data:

The date of ear seed in the lunar calendar is not fixed. It is around the first day of May every year, because the lunar calendar is the yin-yang calendar. There is a saying in North China that "in April, wheat in ear comes first and in May, wheat in ear comes later". This situation is caused by the lunar calendar algorithm.

According to the lunar calendar, a year is actually 344 ~ 345 days. This is 10-11 days less than the number of days the earth goes around the sun, so it must be leap every three years (sometimes every two years) to supplement the short number of days.

In leap months, the solar terms are either advanced or postponed, so grain in ear is sometimes in April and sometimes in May. Chinese farmers are well aware that because spring is early and the solar terms are pushed forward in April, they plant crops early. They should plant them before grain in ear and after the solar terms in May.

What season is grain in ear

The word "awn" of grain in ear refers to the harvest of awned plants such as wheat, and the word "seed" of grain in ear refers to the season of sowing millet crops. The homonym of "grain in ear" indicates that all crops are "busy planting". Therefore, "grain in ear" is also called "busy planting" and "busy planting", which is the dissemination and sowing of farmers' friends. The arrival of "grain in ear" indicates that farmers began their busy field life.

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